Scope of PDA membership protections

Pharmacy Defence Association (PDA) membership can be likened to a group policy covering the activities undertaken by the majority of pharmacists.

As pharmacists roles are expanding and pharmacists are becoming more specialised the PDA protections are also expanding.

PDA provides protection for a range of activities, including:

  • CPC consultations
  • MUR
  • Diagnostic screening
  • Ear piercing
  • Pharmaceutical and medical writing
  • Clinical trials
  • Research
  • Teaching and marking
  • Traditional dispensing and counselling activities.

Pharmacists undertaking different and advanced roles have often checked with PDA to ascertain if their activity is covered by their PDA membership.

In the past PDA obtained the job description and provided this along with details of the member’s qualifications and scope of practice to the insurers.

The insurers, have now stated that as long as the pharmacist has the appropriate qualifications, is practising within their scope of practice and following the set procedures and protocols then they will be protected by their PDA membership.

It is still advisable to check with PDA if the different or advanced role is covered as in some situations the insurers felt that the risks exposed were outside the cover of the PDA policy. In those situations the PDA insurance broker has been able to arrange an additional cover for this activity.

This is highlighted in the Directors and Officers liability cover that is available, through Marsh, for PDA members.

Since 2010 the insurers cover pharmacists who out-source robotic dispensing of medicines off-site from their pharmacy. Previously this activity was not covered.

Cover is also provided, on a named basis, for pharmacists who undertake influenza vaccinations within their pharmacy. These pharmacists must have undertaken an approved training course.

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