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The Pharmacy Defence Association (PDA) is a non-profit, pharmacist support organisation.

Membership of PDA is designed specifically to provide assistance to pharmacists in the event of professional indemnity, public liability and statutory liability claims.


We are an organisation run by pharmacists, for pharmacists.

Our Role

Our role The Pharmacy Defence Association (PDA) was formed to protect the interests of pharmacists, primarily against actions of professional indemnity. Our main aim is…

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Membership Cover

Your PDA membership provides the following cover: Professional Indemnity: This is your liability for breach of professional advice or service, for example a dispensing error.…

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Join PDA and enjoy member benefits! The Pharmacy Defence Association (PDA) offers membership packages for individual Pharmacists, Proprietor (owner/manager) Pharmacists and Pharmacists based in Hospital…

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PDA is a membership based organisation


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