Member Benefits Summary

Professional Advice and Assistance

  • Errors 
  • Complaints
  • Investigations
  • Practice questions and advice

Member Resources and Tools

  • Australian Journal of Pharmacy
  • Case studies
  • Professional advice
  • Incident recording and reporting tools
  • More tools and resources

Access to Insurance Cover

  • See below under PDA Insurance Policies

A more in-depth explanation of our member benefits can be found in our member-only page here.

Note: PDA does not assist with employment matters, business-related decisions or cosmetic services.

PDA Insurance Policies

PDA holds the below insurance policies with our insurer. We pass on the benefits of these policies to our members where possible, although access to PDA's insurance policies, counselling and legal support is discretionary (refer to the Membership Rules document further down the page). PDA will not assist any member who intentionally contravenes their legal, ethical or professional duties.

Owner or Manager membership provides PDA assistance, support and advice for the Owner or Manager member providing pharmacy-related services, as well as all staff employed at the pharmacy that do not hold an APC under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003, and employed intern pharmacists (refer to the Intern Pharmacist membership section on our Membership Categories page for limitations).

Professional Indemnity
This is your liability for breach of professional advice or service, for example a dispensing error.

Public Liability
This is your liability for bodily injury or damage to a customer's property on your premises for which you are responsible.

Statutory Liability
This covers legal costs, fines and penalties incurred through unintentionally breaching a number of acts.

Counselling Support
To provide support during a work-related investigation or traumatic event that occurs within the workplace, including armed hold-up. Counselling is authorised by PDA on a case-by-case basis provided via the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

Membership Rules

To download a copy of the rules of the Pharmacy Defence Association, go to the following link:

PDA Membership Rules

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