Our role

The Pharmacy Defence Association (PDA) was formed to protect the interests of pharmacists, primarily against actions of professional indemnity.

Our main aim is to support individual members, as well as the good name of pharmacy as a profession.

PDA’s main objectives are:

  1. To promote, support and protect the character, status and interests of members.
  2. To promote high standards of professional pharmacy practice.
  3. To give, at its discretion, advice or legal assistance to members, in relation to issues which affect them in their professional practice.
  4. To indemnify members, at its discretion, wholly or in part, and on terms and conditions as may from time to time seem expedient against liability, loss, costs or expenses arising from their professional practice, excluding fines or penalties.
  5. To take part in any proceedings, whether legal or otherwise, in which a question of importance to the members’ or pharmacy practice in general is or is likely to be determined.
  6. To make suitable provision, including the taking of financial measures, for mitigating the risks or liabilities of the Association or its members.
  7. To participate in the development of legislative measures likely to benefit the members.
  8. At its discretion, to provide or procure the provision to its members of advice, assistance or services on any matters relating to their professional or business affairs.

For a comprehensive list of PDA’s rules and objectives, read our Membership Rules