PDA Practice Points

Practice Points cover a range of issues in pharmacy practice relating to dispensing, legal and ethical matters.

These Practice Points have all been sent out as emails to all pharmacists who had PDA cover at the time each topic was written. They are listed here in alphabetical order so you can easily search for past topics when they are relevant for your pharmacy practice.

Click on the topic and it will take you to the article.

Generally, the topics covered were recent or recurrent issues at the time. They were brought to our attention via incident reports directly from pharmacies, or through other health agencies. These have all been reviewed in May 2019 and updated where appropriate.

If you have any issues you think would benefit a wider group of pharmacists, please send them to pda@psnz.org.nz


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Acetic Acid vs Glacial Acetic Acid
Atropine 0.01% eye drops – PCNZ Safety alert
Atropine 1% vs 0.01% eye drops
Australian Journal of Pharmacy (AJP) assessments
Azopt/Atropt and Atropine 0.01% Eye Drops
Brand changes
CareSens Meters and Strips
Certain medicines not to be de-blistered
Checking for interactions
Citalopram & Clopidogrel
Difficult prescriptions
Doctor self-prescribing and Prescriber collection of medicines
Drug impairment and cautionary advisory labels
Emergency supply of prescription medicines
Estradiol/Oestradiol Patches
Eye drops for use as ear drops
Fraudulent and Forged Prescriptions
HDC feedback
Hospital discharge prescriptions
Insulin and Inhaler charts
Insulin pens
Insurance company queries
Item count
Lending/advancing medicines
Liquid calculations
Locum pharmacists
Making patient notes
Medicines available on a supply order
Medicines with a Wide Dose Range
Methadone & Methotrexate
Methadone and long weekends
Methylphenidate and Dexamfetamine prescriptions
New Zealand Formulary
Next of kin and Patient Agents
Optometrist scope of practice
Owed medicines and Medicine repeat expiry
Paracetamol liquid and dosing
PDA assistance with errors and complaints
PDA Incident Notification Form
Pharmacist Only Sildenafil
Pharmacist only supply of Chloramphenicol
Pharmacist Vaccinators
Privacy Commissioner
Privacy issues
Recently qualified pharmacists
Repackaging of medicines – OTC & Prescription
Sale of bronchodilators to schools
Social Media
Staff Training and Qualifications
Standard Operating Procedures
Tramadol and Fluoxetine Errors
Tramadol Drops vs Suspension
Trespassing customers
Undated prescriptions & forward dating
What PDA assists with
Who can dispense medicines
Who Finds Dispensing Errors?
Wholesale of Pharmacy Only Medicines
Work experience & pharmacy volunteers

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